Electrical longboard


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This is the project of Team D for X International School of FabLab Polytech.
The goal is to make a longboard with a motor and a controler. The top speed is about 65 kmph, and the distanse is about 18 km.

Team D:

Kevin Sandoval — programming;
Kolja Hedrich — programming;
Yang Wang — CAD modelling;
Konstantine Tomilin — CAD modelling, mechanical design, milling;
Nelly Pekanova — design;
Andrew Golofast — CAD modelling, mechanical design, laser cutting;

List of Components:

15mm plywood to cut the deck;
6mm plywood for weels and some deck experiments;
Aluminium blocks for truck milling;
2-components polymer for wheel tires;
Two outspining motors with 8HP total;
Speed controllers;
Arduino for speed control and speedometer feature;

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