Summer School Smart City (digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, IoT, architecture, development tools, programming language)

Welcome to our international summer school «Smart Cities»!

13 — 26 AUGUST, 2018
The course provides students with comprehensive introduction to:
— Implementation of product ideas through instruments of digital fabrication;
— Project management and development;
— Fabrication-oriented design and operating CNC machines.
Students during this program will work in groups on creation of prototypes and functional models of urban-themed projects under guidance of experienced moderators. The course includes using different types of tools for digital fabrication from computer aided design programs to cnc machines such as laser cutter, pcb milling machine, 3D-printer etc.
The course accepts student project ideas (requires an interview with lab representatives before applying).
Department of International Educational Programs
tel: +7 (812) 534-25-31
+7 (812) 534-13-65
Adress: room 227, 28, Grazhdanskii prospect, 195220, St.Petersburg, Russia
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