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15.06.2024, 21:38 | Delafuente: All of Spain is proud of this team
The Spanish national football team played against Croatia tonight and won this crucial game with a score of 3-0.

Luis Delafuente is satisfied with his team's performance and says that the Spaniards are proud of this team. Source

"I'm so happy for everyone on the team," Delafuente said at a press conference. "They're an insatiable group of hard workers. Our coaching staff is the best in the world. We're one big family. We're doing so well, it's a morale booster." "It was important. It's going forward and I'm happy because all Spaniards are proud of this team."

Nacho and Lou Normand?

I am very calm because of the commitment of all the players. There are two players in each position and three versatile players. I am very happy and relaxed with four central defenders. They will all work fine.
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